How Can You Make Your Girlfriend Proud Of You?

shoes-heels-kii-jesse-39-pink_pink_2Girls have some typical attitude towards things and which can scare the hell out of you. Don’t be afraid, they are sweet. These days you kind of like your girlfriend and sister more than ever as they no more play the victim card and finish all your credit balance. In-fact, they buy you gifts for your birthday and cricket matches. How nice of her.

These days girls are no more those typical girls where they used to buy clothes and shops from the men’s credit cards. They are now independent and love to pamper themselves without any help. Anyways, if the help is coming with no strings attached then they won’t mind. Yes, sales and discounts are those magical words that can bring back your girlfriend’s smile. You also know, it is not an exaggeration.

So, now that you have been reminded of her typical habits, does it ring a bell? Yes, you can make your girlfriend proud by showing her some amazing cheap shoes online. Pitch it like you want to buy those for her, it won’t cost you much either. In the meanwhile if she insists to by for herself, no problem, still she will be completely impressed by your dedication. She will feel the importance is given to her without offending her

For your upcoming g anniversary, you can plan out a surprise date. Make the decoration cost and try to make the arrangements on your own apartment where she will feel much more comfortable than in some strange location. You can lit-up some cute lights and perfumed candles. You can buy her outfits and shoes. All the arrangements won’t cost you much and you will find cheap shoes online and cheap outfit too.

Very important, don’t plan a double date or invite anyone else. Anniversary is a special occasion, thus, it is idle to keep it special for her. After she looks into the surprise, she will be more impressed by your dedication than ever before. Start planning now.

GOOD AS GOLD, #hotnewtrendalert

A hot new trend going into 2017 is definitely tose gold. Everything from our jewelry, to our phone cases, and now our fashion is being touched by this trend. I will admit, I fought this trend for a while but girl was I wrong! Rose gold, especially in shoes, is such a versatile statement piece. It can be dressed down or up and any fashionista knows a good trend is one that can be worn by anyone, anywhere. Today I will give you lovely readers some of my favorite rose gold shoes and tell you a little about how I’d outfit them.

Let’s start my favorite shIMG_1818ow of the bunch – the “Lange”. This show screams “daring, fun, center of attention.” It totally gives me Kim and Khoe K vibes. This show is perfect example of rose gold being a versatile color. This boot can be worn with your favorite pair of light washed jeans, a plain white V-neck, and minimal accessories to make it a little casual or it can be completely vamped up with a body con dress. Whatever the occasion, there’s an outfit for this gorgeous show. If this show calls out to you, search “Lange” on our website! IMG_1655.JPG

Now this shoe, this show is the perfect mix of adorable and flashy. Like the mom jean or grandpa sweaters. it gives me the perfect throwback feels. Reminds me of something my grandma would wear, but with a little something extra. Like the Lange boot, this slide on flat makes a statement. However, unlike the previous shoe,  this one is a tad bit understatedand more for the “everyday girl”. If these shoes suit your fancy, you can check them out by searching “Regent” on our website –!

Lastly, we’re gIMG_1805onna take a look at every fashionistas favorite shoe – a high heel. This show follows the comman thing with rose gold, it can be dressed up down. While it isn’t as laid back as the “Regent” slide on and it doesn’t make as large of a statement as the “Lange” boot – it certainly holds it’s own as a classic style. These shoes, and many more rose gold styles will be featured on our website (!) so if none of these caught your eye but you’re still dying to be apart of the rose gold trend, you’ll surely find something else more “you” on there! As always, happy shopping, babes!



You know that cool girl at the party that every girl wants to be and every guy wants to meet? She’s edgy – she screams danger, fun, and mystery. She’s approachable – but feisty. Today, I’m feeling inspired by that cool girl and in a way, I want to be my own version of that cool girl. If you’re feeling a little cool yourself, you’ll love these shoes that the queen of edgy herself would totally rock on a night on the town.

 EveryIMG_0781.JPG girl needs a statement shoe. A pair of shoes that can take her everyday outfit and give it a little something more. These faux leather high top sneakers, which also come in gold, are just what the cool girl ordered. Pair it with a basic jean and t-shirt, a simple midi dress, or amp it up with slacks and a blazer. The possibilities are endless for these shoes and weather your on the go or relaxing with friends, these shoes will never do you wrong. You can find these shoe’s on the Cici Hot website –, just search “LUV”!


img_0780Business in the front, party in the back? Looking for something classic like a simple black bootie….but with a cool girl twist? Look no further! The rose embroidery on the back of these faux suede boots screams “cool girl chic”. If the sneakers weren’t for you, then these boots most certainly are. Rock these with a basic black ripped jean, your favorite band t-shirt ( I’m thinking Guns N’ Roses for obvious reasons!), and a black leather jacket that every girl should have and you’re all set!  You can find these shoe’s on the Cici Hot website –, just search “BLOSSOM”!

Hopefully one of these picks inspired your inner your girl! Don’t forget to tag us in a picture of you wearing your favorite Cici Hot shoes! #coolgirl #cicihot




Jelly Flats Are The Blend Of Fun And Casual Look

Since, rainy days show no mercy to your shoes and thus, they disrespect your feeling so, you have no good feelings for monsoon. If you hate rainy days only because of the fact that it ruins your shoes there you are making a mistake. It is time to relish the rainy day with all your friends jumping and hooping to have fun with these jelly-flatsjelly flats. These flats are super gorgeous and present you the smart look you always wish for.

The time has come when you can keep a casual look yet manage to look amazingly gorgeous with the blingy jelly shoes. Is, you make friendships over strangers complimenting your shoes, then you know what jelly shoes can bring to your look. Be it a casual coffee date or a buddy hangout, these flats will do the trick for you to look good and feel confident as well. Exclusive budget for shoe shopping is your thing surely but these shoes does not even ask for so. These are very much affordable as it will save you a good amount of money in the search of classiness and chicness.

Comfort is the basic thing which we look for in any of our attire and accessories. Thus, while we buy shoes we are firstly looking for comfort and then the other factors comes in the foreground. Yes, looking supremely fashionable is a factor but we do not push the level of uncomfort after a certain point. Who wants to fall in a public place anyway?

While you are picking up these jelly flats for casual hangout with minimalistic look  and you will win. Shoes are the best options for a life crunching situation. A little more comfortable, something a little more chic must be your style and that surely makes you happy, excited and on top of all, you can fall in love with shoes.

The Story Of Cork Heels Which Every Girl Is Aware Of

cork heelsHeels are surely a necessity wish for every girl. These heels are something which you can wear everywhere and especially if it has a pastel color, it will surely go with 80% of your dresses. Cork heels anyway goes with everything and the cork design is such a neutral color that can match up and let us accessorize with anything we wear.

They are satisfied is in, collecting and wearing variety of shoes and matching the dress, occasion, situation and their mood. You can judge a woman by her clothes as she expresses a lot through her clothes but you should be intelligent enough to understand the right indications. So let’s have a look at the gorgeous pair of shoes that arrived in the market for this spring season.

Shoes are life to girls and they do not compromise in shoes and dresses. Since girls believe in hard work and presentation and in short perfection is what they root for. Cork heels are the perfect combination for a person who leads both corporate and social life. You can gladly wear these heels to your dinner date incorporated with a mini-dress and you will be a vision to watch and clearly you will win over all the hearts across the street.

Confidence is the key to wear any shoes and you can create any combo in the fashion world if you have the right sense to do that. You can find various Cork designs in the market and you will naturally get attracted to those designs because of the way they can be paired with any of yoru dresses. There are various designs to try on with cork design on it like multi straps, cross straps, rear zipper and multi-colored straps.

Best heels for a winter to spring transition!

The hardest part about the seasons changing is having your shoes change too! It’s either the style or colors that are always changing throughout the seasons. It can get tough but with the right pairs of shoes, you can get through the season transitions easily! Here are some of the best heels to rock from winter to spring this year!

WEEK 29 IG 008

Winter is all about darks and closed toe heels! So how can we transition this trend to spring? Easy! Keeping black heels in your closet is a great way to stay trendy though out any season. It’s versatile and can go with any outfit no matter what season. These Black Gloss Studded Pointed Toe Single Sole Heels are the perfect heels to transition from winter to spring! It’s both dark and closed toe for winter but light and trendy enough to bring into spring!

WEEK 29 IG 010

A cute pair of Classic pumps can do you no wrong no matter what season. It’s simple, chic and can go with any outfit, both dark and cozy or light and vibrant! Our Gold Bottom Nude Faux patent leather Pointed Toe Classic pumps are such an essential when transitioning your closet from Winter to Spring!

WEEK 29 IG 011

Winter was all about the faux suede heels in neutral colors! So our Camel Faux Suede Platform Peep Toe Heels were such a trend this year. Not only were they cute and trendy but they are also incredibly versatile! These babies can easily be worn into the spring with no hassle! The open toe, lace up details really give off a spring look.

The Reasons Why We Love Cork Wedges

cork wedgesGirls are not really the soft type people stereotype them to be, infact they are the strongest. They can handle their home, job and kids at the same time and still she manages to find time and chat with her friends. They don’t shy away to wear the cork wedges that she always wanted to. Girls have always been the dreamer and now, they are so passionately chasing their dream which is astounding to watch.

Girls are just simply amazing beings and since, so much of sexism and stereotyped they are getting; they are even coming out as stronger than ever. Their strength is now showing on their clothes and accessories as well. These are the sexiest pair of shoes which is not meant for everyone. It takes a lot of courage and attitude to wear these pair of shoes.

Heels are deadly and cork wedges are sexy and chic. These shoes can cork wedgesportray everything starting from love, lust, obsession, urge, passion, appreciation, infatuation and what not. These shoes encourage everyone to step up their fashion game when it comes to office attire and dress to impress and summer included. These shoes are new in the business and you can find them exclusively on

Cork is the new haute look paired that you will love to club with everything from sexy to ethnic wear. The amazingly matte design of cork is super-stylish and it helps in a wide range of fashion and standards. Shop the latest cork shoes from and your feet will enjoy the comfort and you will surely feel the confidence.

These cork designs can go with anything you can think of, right from formals to traditional wear or a very girly outfit or high street fashion, anything goes. These cork wedges can easily be your style this season which will lighten up your entire look and eventually it will uplift all your stress.

Thigh High Boots Are Never Ending Affair

thigh high bootsGirls and their boots are the kind of relationship goals we look for. The comfort boots gives are simply inexplicable and we love them for making us gracious. Shoes are one of the obsessions for teenagers but thigh high boots are something furious women. These species of women are the fiercest, the ones who loves to experiment with life.

Adults have a certain kind of maturity which doesn’t let them to fade, otherwise teenagers seeks attention. Anyone who is unique always grabs a lot of attention but if you are classy at the same time, you can make your life more exciting. In a way we all are unique but we need to stick to ourselves and not try to become someone else completely. Those women who cherish their way of being and are confident enough to cherish their lifestyle are the conquerer.

Looking at a great collection thigh high boots gives you the feelingboots that yes “I own for myself and deserve things that I love”. The designs are just so satisfying and empowering, it never feels faded from the trend and it is always in trend for us. There has been no year where someone has not donned a great pair of high boots and we have not gushed over that master-piece. This is like oxygen for the fashion industry of a very luxe, extremely sexy and beyond empowering look.

Adults are basically very particular about their style as they are much more aware of their personality than the teens. They understand fashion and get drawn towards being presentable. With the rapid development of empowerment and self realization, thigh high boots are developing in designs which is even more customized for various personality traits.

We Are So Indulging Ourselves on Ankle Booties

ankle bootiesThe hottest thing this season is the ankle booties and we are so much indulging on it. Since, people are becoming more informal in their approach and working harder even more, these shoes exactly give you that feel. These are very cool when you look at it and extremely comfortable. You can wear them for a meeting but also can smoothly working for a casual hangout.

A great way to dress up a working outfit is a bold color accent on a neutral shoe. These booties universally understand the fashion game and thus, these are our favorites. brings to you the best collection of funky and classy pair of ankle boots. Whether spring travel means packing for beach, boardwalk, city or island, these shoes will help you venture out with the confidence of a local.

At the present age individuality flourishes and personal style shines. So,ankle booties show up on your favorite tees layered under loose button ups, and don’t forget to carry your attitude and you are done with the deal. You can even try out a pair of white jeans, denim jacket and the swinging fringe for a beachy look in case you feel like. They are stylish and convenient than knee high boots and an absolute ‘must have’ in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Pack your favorite shades of bags and dresses with a chic hat and ofcourse as many pair of these ankle boots. Cropped jeans and ankle boots are anyway the ideal way to set your layback vacation day. Ankle booties and boots are perfect for sporting the chic look, especially when you’re out for clubbing. So what do you think, these are the booties you are looking at for this summer, autumn, spring and winter and everything else?

Why Is Red High Heels So Popular Amongst Girls?

red high heelsRed is the color of love, passion and desire. It is the most sensual color one can think of. This color is like the ultimate destination to explore your feminine beauty and feel empowered. So much in just one color, it is uber cool. Do you know the other obsession of girls? Shoes, ofcourse but the energy reaches beyond every limit when they see a pair of red high heels.

Girls no more sob about every hurdle that comes into their fore but they just party it out. Well, yeah girls will be girls but not to miss the brave kind, actually most of them are. Sobbing is not cool anymore as they understand their self-value and it is their duty to protect their pride. They no more consider borrowing money from their Dad, boyfriend or husband. Self dependent women always stand for individual choice and their choices are bold and gorgeous.

Since, it is summer time, all the bikinis, summer dresses and shorts are out to be worn and they need to bered high heels accessorized with hot heels. If you are wearing short dresses and shorts, you definitely want to flaunt your beautiful long legs and what better way to flaunt than wearing red high heels. Red high heels say a lot about a woman while you see someone dawning that pointed heel in that bright color. It can tell, she is not afraid of how people are going to judge her and definitely not afraid of her appeal and oozing charm.

So, style yourself with these hot red shoes, you can find them on They provide red hot shoes at a much affordable price. So, plunge and explore the newest collection of shoes in the website, available now especially for the conscious fashionistas.