Cici’s Fall Nail Colors

Fall is here which means it’s time to transition our beauty and wardrobe to fit this season’s trends! Nail colors are always big throughout the year. Whether its pastels in the spring or neons in the summer, its great to have your manicures stay in season along with your wardrobe! Cici hot is a big fan of keeping up with these new trends and loves to match mani & pedi’s with our new items! Here are a couple Cicihot items to match this season’s hottest nail colors!


Pretty in plum! Darks are in this season and this dark purple nail color is a great color to rock this season. Match it with our purple bodycon dress and you’ll be set this fall!


This color is so popular this fall! It has the right amount of dark tone and girly look to it that everyone loves. Rock this nail color with our Muave cutout dress and you’ll have a perfect ensemble for a night out with your girls!


So simple yet so chic! We love the simplicity behind this color because not only is it versatile but it’s also such a huge trend during the fall. Match this mani look with our cute grey midi dress this fall and have the perfect casual chic look to rock!


Be a babe in burgundy! This dark yet seductive color is everything this season! It’s the perfect color that can be rocked in the fall and still be trendy in the winter. Add this nail color to your list along with a matching burgundy maxi from cicihot!


Mocha matte is also another favorite this fall! The fun thing about this color is that it can easily be matched with several ensembles this season. Rock this nail color with our gorgeous mocha maxi dress!

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