Cici Post Holiday Workouts!

Sadly, the holidays have come to an end! Whether it was Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Hanukah or Christmas; you know you munched out on those holiday dinners! Now that those feast dinners are over, it s time to whip out those workouts and get back into Cici shape. Say bye to bloated tummies and say hello to flat and sexy abs! Though jumping back into the game may be a little difficult after taking such a long break, here are some tips and workouts that will help you get through it easier!

download First, throw away the bad eating habits! It’s easy to get carried away when eating during the holidays. I mean, who can turn down such yummy food that only comes once a year? Well now it’s time to kick those habits to the curve and get those portions right! Start with a healthy breakfast. Anything from a protein shake to an egg & veggie omelet will not only get you on the right track for the day but also keep you full! A couple hours after breakfast try and have a tiny snack like carrots and hummus or some diced fruit. The carrots and hummus will substitute for any chips and dip you may be craving! Move on to lunch, a tasty salad or chicken wrap will do you good! Move onto another little snack a couple hours later then move onto dinner! Whip up some grilled chicken or salmon with boiled veggies on the side! These small portions will build your metabolism and train your body to start craving less junk throughout your day!

Cardio is something everyone should throw in their workout plan! Whether you’re working on abs or legs, running will keep your blood rushing and help get you results faster.

Untitled-11 Dumbbells can be your best friend when getting that tummy flat fast! The extra weight helps build muscle and tone your abs as desired! In example 1: Stand straight, feet apart (shoulder length), with one dumbbell in each hand. Drop one arm straight down your side to your knee length and repeat on the opposite arm! In exmple2: Stand straight, feet apart (shoulder length) with one dumbbell held with both arms. Raise the dumbbell to the front of your chest and move left to right.  In example 3: Stand straight, legs apart (shoulder length) with one dumbbell in both arms. Bring the dumbbell to your chest level, bring up to your upper right side and as you bring down the dumbbell, bring your left knee up to meet with the dumbbell. Repeat with your opposite side. In example 4: Bend your knees with legs apart, turn your torso and swing the weight up over your right hand shoulder and bring it down to your left hand side! Repeat with the opposite side.

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