Buns in the winter!

Winter is one of those seasons where you just want to throw on your coziest outfits and throw your hair up in a cute bun! Whether it’s messy or tight and sleek, it’s the perfect up do in the winter. Here are some brilliant ways to create different types of hair buns!


Messy buns are always fun to rock on a chili day! Here is an amazing step by step collage on how to create a low messy bun in just a few minutes! First, if you don’t already have soft messy curls then do so before starting! Second, pull your hair back into a ponytail leaving your bangs hanging in the front. Third, grab the upper half of the ponytail and wrap it in a bun and pin it tight! Repeat with the bottom half and you’re done!


Here is another cute messy bun tutorial to rock in the winter! This high bun will be sure to finish of your winter ensemble. First, bring your hair to a high ponytail. Second, tease the ponytail until it’s full and thick! Lastly, pull the teased hair back to create a bun. Gently comb the surface of the bun to create a cleaner look!


Another fun and easy way to create a bun is with a sock bun! You can create one by cutting off the toe part of the sock and rolling the entire thing up into a donut shaped sock! First, bring your hair up to a high pony tail. Second, bring the donut sock to the end of your pony tail and roll it down to create this bun! Pin in the extra pieces of hairs and you’re done!

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