DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentines Day is just around the corner! This means it’s time to whip out those sexy outfits and sweep your Valentine of their feet! Another great thing about Valentine’s Day is being able to surprise your special someone with cute gifts. And on this day, it’s not about materialistic items, but presents that come from the heart! So this is a great time of year to put your DIY hands to work. Here are some amazing Do It Yourself Gifts to make for your Valentine this year!

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Give your Valentine a Man Bouquet this year! This is an extremely cute and creative gift to pull together. All you’ll need is some green paper mache, skinny wooden sticks, a small bucket as a base, Styrofoam and some cute gifts like boxer briefs, socks and mini alcohol bottles! The idea is to use the gifts as rose buds and the sticks and paper mache as the rose stems. Stick them firmly into the Styrofoam base and neatly set it in the bucket! Beautiful!


And if the Man bouquet doesn’t work then there’s always a bacon bouquet! This cute and tasty gift can easily be achieved by baking bacon rolled bacon strips as seen in the photo. And for the rose stems, just go to any dollar store and grab a small bouquet of fake flowers. Take off the flower buds and replace them with the Bacon Buds! He’ll fall in love!


Man in a can! Men are really hard to shop for so why not give them a little bit of everything?  Start off by decorating a tin can with “Man in a Can”. Then, stuff it with silly little gifts you’ll know hell enjoy like socks, a mug or maybe a couple of his favorite types of beer! This will totally surprise him and let him know just how much you truly know him!


And last but not least, a Valentine’s Coupon Book! This is a classic gift to give your special someone. You can add anything in this book from house hold chores to fun bedroom favors! Be creative and flirty with these coupons, he only comes across them once a year!

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