Valentine’s Day Sweets

Valentines Day is filled with love, appreciation and most importantly, SWEETS! From chocolates to cookies, this day brings out the biggest sweet tooth in us. It’s given and it’s received! No one can get away from the sweet’s sweetness of Valentine’s Day! Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Sweet Recipes.


A Valentine’s Day favorite is definitely Cinnamon Rolls! They’re warm, sweet and a way to any man or woman’s heart! Especially when they’re rolled into hearts! So whether you’re at home with the girls or cooking for your special someone, whip these in the oven and watch them be amazed!


Yes, cookies are a must have goodie on Valentine’s Day! Cookies are great on their own but pink cookies are just breath taking! They’re so creative and yummy to eat on this day of love. So whip these babies up for your Valentine, friends or even coworkers! These will work for anyone.


Rice Crispy treats are also a Valentine’s Day favorite! They’re so chewy and delicious that it wouldn’t matter if you had a Valentine or not. Not only is this treat incredibly good to eat but they’re also easy to make! Bake them in the oven, cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter and dip them into your favorite flavored frosting! Add some sprinkles for the final touch!


Last but not least, a cocktail! Who doesn’t love a sweet and buzz worthy cocktail on any day? Whether you’re having a Valentine’s Day party or hanging with the girls, these cocktails are super yummy and fun to have on this night!

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