7 Cool Ways To Pair Your Boots With

knee high bootsBoots are usually considered for falls but sometimes its sheer elegance tempts us on wearing it anytime in the year. Let’s walk through a brief style of boots available in the market: over the knee, flat, heel, wedge, pointed toe, ankle, knee high boots, etc.  There are endless ways to pair up boots with various outfits but to give to you some quick ideas check out.

  1. You can wear ankle boots with neutral cozy knits. Also you can wear a knitted cap with that to look even cuter.
  2. Pair your knee high boots with a lacy short dress and accessorize it with junk jewelries and a slim bag.
  3. For corporate look, you can wear a fitted beige trouser with an off-white top and pair it up with a brown ankle boots.
  4. Wear your faded skinny jeans and a printed t-shirt with brown suede knee boots to go for a layback beach outing.
  5. For a ‘not-so-cold’ day, you can dare to wear a maxi dress and perfectly combine it with the black riding boots.
  6. Keep it cute for the fall by wearing short jeans and an oversiknee high bootszed sweater with the coziest scarf from your wardrobe and then pair it with the furry snow boots.
  7. If you want to dawn a sexy look, you can go for a pleated mini skirt and a long overcoat by pairing it with a pair of thigh high boots.

Boots offer your different styles and every boots have various shades, you need to explore that. Try and experiment with looks. You can a pair of boots wear with casual outfit and look all cool and chilled out but that same boots can look serious and professional if you wear it right. So explore and take your chances. Next thing you will know is everyone looking at you from the corner of their eyes and yes, for good reasons. Life is too short to wear boring fashion every day.

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