On The Count Of 1 To High Fashion, How Popular Are Red High Heels?

red high heelsFirst of all red is everything. Red is love, red is passion and it is bold. Read is the color of blood, and talk about your loving nature. So much in just one color, isn’t that fascinating? Fascinating is red. But then, the excitement just reaches upto another level altogether when you see a pair of red high heels while window shopping. Don’t you think of that tight leather black dress you have and you just grab the pair of shoes for your wardrobe?

Well, yeah girls will be girls but not to miss, these days’ girls are no more the ones with sobbing type. Sobbing is not a girl thing anymore; these days when girls want something they get it by hook or by crook. In anyway it doesn’t mean by their Dad’s or boyfriend’s money but their own. They are self dependent and no, they are not taking your money at any cost. They can take charge of their lives.

Red high heels say a lot about a woman while you see someone dawning red high heelsthat pointed heel in that bright color. It can tell you she is not afraid of how people are going to judge her, she is not afraid of confidently wearing the color which mostly people avoid to wear, she is classy and definitely have the leadership quality.

Remember the time when people used to say ‘Red is very bright or loud for the occasions’? Those are older tricks to keep you away from the prettiest color of the mankind. Wear a mini red outfit and dawn it with your red shoes, and then just look at what your date has to say. You will be amazed by the power of the color and if you succeed to carry it with perfection, there is no stopping from being the Queen anytime.

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