Replace Trousers with Thigh High Boots

Thigh high bootsHigh and long boots are amazing, they are just enough to show some skin when you’re putting your left foot in front of your right. Boots are always fun and cool but when it comes to thigh high boots, more than a trend, it is about a challenge you take on. Forget pants, trousers, tights, long leggings and conformity for a second, and choose heeled boots to look like the sexiest person living.

The high lengthened boots were earlier only conserved for the ramp walks but see at the growth of women, you can find fierce women and ladies wearing and walking around the street with complete edginess. These shoes are not something which you will wear everyday but when when you do, surely all the eyeballs will be starring at you. It is a luxe, extremely sexy and beyond empowering look.

The Look

If you are focusing on a thigh high black leather boots then ‘Preach’. It is the most powerful tool to use through fashion as it shows the fiery feminine side and the way t shows our legs are just out of the world. The black leather or suede absolutely goes all the way up to your crotch and leave a few bare inches for ventilation at least. How cool and sizzling does that sound like?

How cool will it look if you turn up somewhere in a pair of these thigh high boots, a black or maroon bodysuit with long sleeves and a long coat over. Well, the night will not be a comfortable one for all the people watching the vision. Let’s just simply replace trousers and shoes with the one thing that’s got them both these uberly high boots. It is that kind of shoes which make the legs look armpit long, as if painted in black leather or soft luxurious suede.

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