GOOD AS GOLD, #hotnewtrendalert

A hot new trend going into 2017 is definitely tose gold. Everything from our jewelry, to our phone cases, and now our fashion is being touched by this trend. I will admit, I fought this trend for a while but girl was I wrong! Rose gold, especially in shoes, is such a versatile statement piece. It can be dressed down or up and any fashionista knows a good trend is one that can be worn by anyone, anywhere. Today I will give you lovely readers some of my favorite rose gold shoes and tell you a little about how I’d outfit them.

Let’s start my favorite shIMG_1818ow of the bunch – the “Lange”. This show screams “daring, fun, center of attention.” It totally gives me Kim and Khoe K vibes. This show is perfect example of rose gold being a versatile color. This boot can be worn with your favorite pair of light washed jeans, a plain white V-neck, and minimal accessories to make it a little casual or it can be completely vamped up with a body con dress. Whatever the occasion, there’s an outfit for this gorgeous show. If this show calls out to you, search “Lange” on our website! IMG_1655.JPG

Now this shoe, this show is the perfect mix of adorable and flashy. Like the mom jean or grandpa sweaters. it gives me the perfect throwback feels. Reminds me of something my grandma would wear, but with a little something extra. Like the Lange boot, this slide on flat makes a statement. However, unlike the previous shoe,  this one is a tad bit understatedand more for the “everyday girl”. If these shoes suit your fancy, you can check them out by searching “Regent” on our website –!

Lastly, we’re gIMG_1805onna take a look at every fashionistas favorite shoe – a high heel. This show follows the comman thing with rose gold, it can be dressed up down. While it isn’t as laid back as the “Regent” slide on and it doesn’t make as large of a statement as the “Lange” boot – it certainly holds it’s own as a classic style. These shoes, and many more rose gold styles will be featured on our website (!) so if none of these caught your eye but you’re still dying to be apart of the rose gold trend, you’ll surely find something else more “you” on there! As always, happy shopping, babes!


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