Replace Trousers with Thigh High Boots

Thigh high bootsHigh and long boots are amazing, they are just enough to show some skin when you’re putting your left foot in front of your right. Boots are always fun and cool but when it comes to thigh high boots, more than a trend, it is about a challenge you take on. Forget pants, trousers, tights, long leggings and conformity for a second, and choose heeled boots to look like the sexiest person living.

The high lengthened boots were earlier only conserved for the ramp walks but see at the growth of women, you can find fierce women and ladies wearing and walking around the street with complete edginess. These shoes are not something which you will wear everyday but when when you do, surely all the eyeballs will be starring at you. It is a luxe, extremely sexy and beyond empowering look.

The Look

If you are focusing on a thigh high black leather boots then ‘Preach’. It is the most powerful tool to use through fashion as it shows the fiery feminine side and the way t shows our legs are just out of the world. The black leather or suede absolutely goes all the way up to your crotch and leave a few bare inches for ventilation at least. How cool and sizzling does that sound like?

How cool will it look if you turn up somewhere in a pair of these thigh high boots, a black or maroon bodysuit with long sleeves and a long coat over. Well, the night will not be a comfortable one for all the people watching the vision. Let’s just simply replace trousers and shoes with the one thing that’s got them both these uberly high boots. It is that kind of shoes which make the legs look armpit long, as if painted in black leather or soft luxurious suede.

Hottest Heels for Every Season: Stiletto Heels

stiletto heelsAre you the girl known for being too hot? Are you a stiletto baby? When you are obsessed with Stilettos, you must understand the fact that you are a fashionista in denial. It is not bad to be dressed the way you want. If you are able to slip into the heels and stay with it all day long with ease, who in heaven’s sake is going to stop you from that?

Wearing heels with ease is not something wear hear everyday but if you are comfortable, stiletto heels is going to help you look hot. These are one type of heels which can transform anyone into a hot chic. When you are women and you have the gift of embracing beauty with such ease, why not explore every inch of that?

No matter how many types of heels are available in the market butstiletto heels when you look at the stiletto, you instantly have a deep urge of wearing and dawning it on the first place. It is the perfect ecstasy of fashion and the perks that come with it are even incredible. These are chic and bold and no doubt it enhances your beauty like no more. It has the feature of enhancing and highlighting all the parts of your curves in the sexiest way.

The quest for comfortable heels can be a lifelong hunt for many women. Stiletto heels though do not qualify to be in the list of comfortable heels but are heels meant to be comfortable? They are meant to be edgy and sexy which can bring out the dark side of yours. It can go with your formal pants, suits, jeans, dresses and pencil skirts and practically anything you wear. So are you ready to rule the location you live in with these heels?

Single Sole Heels For Solitary Souls

single soleSolitary souls are creative, sturdy and supremely details. They want everything to be on point right from the words they use, clothes and accessories they wear. They understand how to connect better and therefore, they are called as the solitary souls. Practical in mind, they understand that speaking is not just the form of communication but there are numerous ways to communicate which even more effective. People think this current trend of the Single Sole Heel is new to the scene but when you dig a little deeper you understand the existence.

Who would have thought that the platform would ever be taken over by the re-release of the single sole heel? ‘Single sole’ is a term Net-a-Porter has come up with for NON platform shoes. Not so necessary to make the difference between the two kinds of shoes being normally soled shoes and the platform monstrosities, but it is easier for people to label and find out easily.

Since women are becoming bold day by daysingle sole, they are opening up about their skills and inner beauty. They are even channelizing their inner strength to show how bold and intelligent they can be. Women are celebrating their feminity and sensuality all over the world. They appreciate extended leg length as they embrace them enthusiastically. Single sole stilettos are a great choice for anyone who is learning to walk in heels.

So, style yourself in a way where people gets affected by it cause that is you and everyone have the right to style unique. Any shoe style that inspires oneself is meant to be classic and thus, single sole heels totally classifies in the category. Find amazing quality shoes in a cheap price on Plunge and explore the newest collection of shoes in the website, available now especially for the conscious fashionistas.

Classic Pumps Are the Comfortable For Work

classic pumpsWell comfort is needed everywhere but there are places where we can ditch the comfort for a while and take up painful fashion instead. Office is not the right place to take up painful fashion. The world is heading towards being more and more civilized everyday, you cannot take a U-turn in such a case. Office is a professional ground and you cannot ever go wrong in that place be it fashion or just conducting yourself.

Classic pumps are therefore, the fair sclassic pumpshare of both drop-dead fashion and a fair amount of comfort as well. Since it is a workplace and you constantly have to move around for reports and meetings, you are not in the most comfortable place to wear dangerous heels. You actually want to wear slippers but since, you have to look all formal and well dressed, you are not allowed to do that. But when you are a smart and confident woman, you choose find shoes wisely.

classic pumpsThe quest for comfortable heels can be a lifelong hunt for many women. But when you can find one pair of shoes you like and try them out, you feel amazed as it suits you as well. The classic pumps can go with your formal pants, suits, dresses and pencil skirts as well. What else working women can want? These heels are therefore often touted as one of the most comfortable though fashionable shoes.

These classic heels can be broken down into two categories where one is stylish and trendy that everyone swears by for comfort and the second is marketed for comfort but actually known for being funky and cool to make a special impression. So which category would you choose for your next meeting or outdoor corporate trip?

Bid Adieu to Jeans and Say Hi To Thigh High Boot

thigh high bootGone are those days where girls used to crib about having too less pants and jeans? Now they have their ultimate companion for winters, they have their thigh high boot. It is that style statement which also assures them comfort and warmth at winter. Also knee high boots are cool but thigh high wins the race.

These boots are so much popular in present generation because people are inclining day by day towards comfortable clothes. Hassle-free fashion is what people urge for, they are not too much into accessorizing but they want one statement materials which will talk about the whole vibe. High boots definitely creates a statement, the statement of being bold and strong.

Another important factor for loving these thigh high boots the persona it creates around someone. Once you nail a look wearing these boots, next time you step out of the house, everyone will be amazed with your guts and secretly they will be afraid of you. Who doesn’t want that? There would be no dethigh high bootsnying of the fact that you are one of the kindest people, but they will also be informed that you can turn into the bold chic that you are at any point situation demands.

In anyway jeans and pants strives to get boring or for that matter any particular pice of cloth gets boring when you start to wear it every day. Suddenly, when you want to spice things up, you want that boots to do half of your work. You just need to step into the boots with a short skin tight super tight outfit and walk with utter confidence; rest of the people will just start banging their head in the dors and wall instantly. They will go crazy over your amazing aura.

Teenage Girl Shoes Are Getting Funkier Each Season

Teenage Girl ShoesTeenage is the lively phase of our lives and we all know it. Though we are immature enough to pamper ourselves but mature enough to fulfill all our crazy dreams as well. Shoes are one of the obsessions of teenagers and it is even more exciting because it is the time of our lives when we start to understand fashion and get drawn towards being presentable. With the rapid development of their age, teenage girl shoes are developing too.

Cool Shoes For Teenagers That Will Keep Them Hip:

Platform Heels: Teenage do not like complications as already there are lots of things going on in their life. They are more about jumping and camping with their friends and thus, they want heels which can be comfy.

Lace up Sandals: Unless and until they have to go for prom, they do not even take out their heels at all. Since their sole motive is to look good and be comfy about everything they are wearing, Lace up Sandals is the perfect combination for them.

Espadrille Platform Wedges: Well, in case they are going for a date they can be a little considerate about fashion but still they would want to be funky at some level. These platform increases their fashion sense though keeping a touch of teenage in them.

Strappy Sandals: And here is the classy teenage style of flaunting their killer attitude. Though they love to be flowy and funky but when they want to look sexy, one cannot help but just praise them.

So flats, heels and loafers, anything goes for the teenage phase but it needs to be cool and casual. Mostly they go for more punk rock look with detailed studs which is fun to wear. Dressing is not just fashion for them but they are very open to express themselves. Thus, teenage girl shoes are much more cooler and fashionable version of all the shoes present in the market.

Do You Dare To Wear Cork Heels?

Cork heelsHeels are deadly and hot but what is even more dangerous is cork heels. These are the sexiest pair of shoes which is not meant for everyone. It takes a lot of courage and attitude to wear these pair of shoes. These shoes can portray everything starting from love, lust, obsession, urge, passion, appreciation, infatuation and what not. The moment you get a look of these shoes worn by the right person, there will be no way to fall out of love from the person and the shoes.

The thing is, there is no way to hate these heels but either you have the guts to wear or else you just dream about it. These can easily be your style this season which will lighten up your entire look and eventually it will uplift all your stress. Cork is the new haute look paired that you will love to club with everything from sexy to ethnic wear. It will be a great addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

The great thing about cork soles is that the hues used in the shoes are natural Cork heeland smoothly compliments uppers in any shade or fabric. The natural sole will definitely add a texture to your look and the heel will add both height and warm weather footwear. The eco-chic organic material will always allow you to be green and fabulous. These ensure special designs which will keep you in wonder for the shoes. Though these look deadly but these are super comfortable to walk in.

Go ahead and wear this for your date and in no time he will be proposing you for your confidence. So get ready to be in awe the entire season and if you wish for more, you can wear these cork heels for every season.

On The Count Of 1 To High Fashion, How Popular Are Red High Heels?

red high heelsFirst of all red is everything. Red is love, red is passion and it is bold. Read is the color of blood, and talk about your loving nature. So much in just one color, isn’t that fascinating? Fascinating is red. But then, the excitement just reaches upto another level altogether when you see a pair of red high heels while window shopping. Don’t you think of that tight leather black dress you have and you just grab the pair of shoes for your wardrobe?

Well, yeah girls will be girls but not to miss, these days’ girls are no more the ones with sobbing type. Sobbing is not a girl thing anymore; these days when girls want something they get it by hook or by crook. In anyway it doesn’t mean by their Dad’s or boyfriend’s money but their own. They are self dependent and no, they are not taking your money at any cost. They can take charge of their lives.

Red high heels say a lot about a woman while you see someone dawning red high heelsthat pointed heel in that bright color. It can tell you she is not afraid of how people are going to judge her, she is not afraid of confidently wearing the color which mostly people avoid to wear, she is classy and definitely have the leadership quality.

Remember the time when people used to say ‘Red is very bright or loud for the occasions’? Those are older tricks to keep you away from the prettiest color of the mankind. Wear a mini red outfit and dawn it with your red shoes, and then just look at what your date has to say. You will be amazed by the power of the color and if you succeed to carry it with perfection, there is no stopping from being the Queen anytime.

Beginners Guide for People Who Wants Thigh High Boots

thigh high bootsBoots are of-course the member of every girl’s compulsory list. Boots are not only meant for the winters and rains but it is an all season wear. Thigh high boots can protect you from cold, snow, water, dust and heat too. Yes, it can protect you from heat. The other, even the most important factor of wearing boots is fashion. Style statement is everything for girls and girls can go top crazy limits for fashion.

Some Of The Tips To Wear Thigh High Boots And Own The Shot:

  • Add an over-coat with your brown Thigh High Boots. It will make a great winter look.
  • Want to get away with wearing them to the office? Style it up chic corporate wear. Pick your outfit which is silky and loose in texture but solid in color.
  • For a summery dress, club it up with a mini skirt and a sexy top on top of it.thigh high boots Do not forget to accessorize with some cool nail polish or nail art to finish the look.
  • A slightly odd long-sleeved sweater dress with a pair of thigh-high boots gives a stylish look. Doesn’t it?
  • For a little masculine look, you can go for these shoes and pair it up with black or dark toned jeans and teas. You will instantly get a reflection of your edgy side.
  • If you want to distract the central focus of your outfit, these pair of boots will do the job.

Though thigh high boots are high street fashion shoes and it can ruin your entire look and personality if not worn the right way. So, experiment as much you want as these will look gorgeous on you. You just need to find the right look for you by experimenting and do not forget to mix and match with various accessories.